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June 26

​This our last week for term 2 with the first day back for term 3 is Monday 10th July, so have a great enjoyable holiday with family and friends.

Orderliness is about everything being in its place which ensures that we can perform to the best of our ability.  Being orderly at school inludes the way we move around the school, by having an ordered tidy tray we can be more effiient in doing school work, the way we show pride in ourselves and our school by wearing the proper school uniform, by being disordered it can be hard to concentrate.  By givings things an order we can have an ordered brain    

June 13

​Justice is our focus this week.  Jsutice is about standing up for the rights of yourself and others, it does not mean becoming invovlved in argument.  If something is going wrong, justice is about doing something that will help and  is right to make that situation better.  Another key message is to think before you act, as what you choose to do now, does it make the the world a better place.

June 07

Today we will be raising our flag to half mast to honour Senior Constable Brett Forte who was tragically killed whilst perfoming his duty. 

Congratulations to Mrs Kessell and her team for an amazing bush dance, it was a great event.

Next term I will be having Wednesdays off due to medical reasons, and if I do not do anything about it, this condition will come back, so I will be taking each Wednesday off to rest and recover, so Mr Guy will be prinicipal with Mr Good becoming deputy principal.

Todays parade focus is about tact.  Tact is about thinking beforing speaking as often it is not okay to say whatever pops into your head, we should learn to think before we speak and sometimes it is better to be silent and at times especially when we are being truthful make sure we are not getting to be hurtful to others feelings and be sensitive.  If you are going to say anything make sure it is true, kind, helpful, inspiring and necessary.  Our clip today reflects this thinking before speaking and as you watch think have there been times I should have thought about that before saying that, we all do it it is a very simple message but a powerful one.

May 31
Being humble

​The focus of this weeks virtue is humality, it is about being humble.  When we are humble we do not act like we are more important than other people, we are happy to serve others and put other peoples needs above our own, we do not think ourselves to be perfect, we do not criticise others when they make mistakes and if we do make a mistake humality is about putting our hand up and saying I own that mistake I am sorry.  This youtube clip promotes the message of being humble and humality

May 24

​This weeks viture is about being compasionate.  It is about having kind feelings for people, about caring deeply for others, it is about being in the moment and really being there for people, noticing if there is something wrong or they are out of sorts, it is about forgiving people for mistakes, it is about helping people out.  Being compassionate is not just about saying nice things but doing nice things. Displaying compassion towards others is truly paying attention to them and being there for them.  One of the best things we can do for people is to really listen to them, look them in the eye and listen to them.  This cartoon really reflects the message about being compassionate

May 17
NAPLAN and Truthfulness

I would like to start with a few thanks. To Mr Guy, our support staff, teachers, parents and especially our year 3 and five students for ensuring our NAPLAN week was as stress free and as smooth as possible.  NAPLAN is not just about year 3 and year 5 it is about what the learning that happens in Prep, Year 1, 2 and 4.  Please do not ever worry about NAPLAN, I don’t! NAPLAN is used to tell me whether our school is doing ok. It gives us feedback, yes it gives you individual feedback but what is really important to us as teachers is what we can do better. 

Thank you to Miss English and the staff who helped out with the recent 96.five breakfast, brekky and book swap. 

This week’s virtue is truthfulness. It is about being honest.  Being truthful is about avoiding gossip, prejudice, being true to yourself and avoiding making up excuses to cover mistakes.  One of the most important gifts you can do is to say sorry I made a mistake.  There are times when it is ok to tell a white lie for example when surprising someone you love with a gift.  But there are times when it is not ok to tell lies especially when you are being deceitful and when you get caught out in these web of lies you look anymore.  A good reminder about being truthful is the boy who cried wolf.

Sometimes we do make mistakes and we try to cover these mistakes with lies, but it is best to be honest and truthful.

August 10
School Rebranding

Thank you to all the staff and community members who participated in our marketing survey and Think Tank.  Your feedback has been invaluable in helping us better understand our school community.  From this, we have been able to hone in on our point of difference that sets us apart from other schools in our area. 

The face and core values of Upper Mount Gravatt State School have changed over the decades.  We know who we are and what we stand for.  We feel it when we walk through our gates, we see it when we walk through our classrooms. Does the Wider community feel and see what we do?  We are currently undergoing some brand changes.   The goal of rebranding and marketing is to shine a spotlight on our school community and realign public perception and reality.  We want the wider community to better understand us.  We want them to be very clear about what we stand for and what we have to offer.  Visual rebranding is one of the first steps in getting noticed.  It signals a change.  The eye is innately trained to pick up on change.  Strategic rebranding and marketing should reenergize a product. 

A number of ongoing marketing considerations are currently underway.  We are excited to announce our new look School Crest featuring the new tagline: Shaping Success Together.  We want to acknowledge and pay respect to our past traditions, while reflecting and shining a light on our current school community and the direction we are moving in.  Keep an eye out for our “optional” new look school polo that will be available for purchase for 2016 preps and seniors from the end of the year and for the remainder of the school from term 2 2016.


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