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Sponsorships, partnerships, advertising and donations stimulate and support innovation and growth within our school community. Effective relationships are mutually beneficial. The ultimate goal of all partnerships is to improve the outcomes for our students and stakeholders through a shared vision.
Our Strategic Plan requires UMG to strengthen the school community engagement framework by creating partnerships with local business and community organisations through sponsorship and other symbiotic opportunities.
All relationships between UMG and its stakeholders need to promote positive and healthy core values. UMG will enter into arrangements with reputable and ethical organisations and individuals whose values and objectives reflect and support those being promoted by UMG.
UMG reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to determine the suitability of all arrangements made within the UMG environment.
The process of accepting and considering partnership arrangements will be conducted by the Principal (in consultation with his Administration team and affected stakeholders); and funds will be distributed through the budgeting process to support those student programs designed to improve the outcomes for UMG students.
We welcome your enquiries and thank you for your support.
                                                               UMG  Principal